The project started in 1976 on a well-orientated parcel between Porrera and Cornudella de Montsant. Our estate is located in the north-east of Priorat and is comprised of 5 hectares, of which 3 are planted with vines ranging from 12 to 45 years old.



Preserving the unique heretage of Priorat's winemaking tradition is the heart of our philosophy. All of the work in the vineyard is entirely manual in order to maintain the balance of the vines and the quality of the grapes.

We care of our vines and nature around us by respecting the principles of ecologic viticulture.  Our vines are dry-farmed (no irrigation) and no pesticides are used. All the corresponding hard work is taken with great pride.

Being in the prime location for winemaking and encouraged by the exceptional environment, we strive to bring out the best of our vineyard to your glass. 

Our Terroir

The Priorat has a harsh terrain and extreme weather.

It is a land with character and with an abrupt geography, terrain marked by the presence of llicorella, a specific micro-climate and both native as new varieties. This is what enables us to give our wines identity.

Our rocky llicorella soil is formed by quarternary slate that contribtes to the uniqueness and mineral character of our wine.

The Mas SimSó vines have been able to resist despite no irrigation has been used. This made them develop their roots up to 6 meters deep.

Large varations in temperature make the fruit ripen slowly, optimize the tannins and concentrate all the aromatic potential in the berries,

Red Varieties

Red Garnacha: Our oldest vines of more than 45 years old are perfectly adapted to Priorat's drought and assimilated heat. When growing with low yields, it offers excellent concentration, smoothness and elegance. The mineral nose has notes of red fruit and very subtile floral aromas.

Carignan: Complements perfectly with garnacha by adding enormour colour intesity, powerful tannins, structure and liveliness.

Syrah: Is responsible for some dark fruit flavors with a spicy peppery note in the aftertaste

Malbec: is the inky purple grape variety adding blackberry, plum, black cherry and notes of chocolate.

White Varieties

White Grenache: it is the predominant variety in the blend of our Mas SimSó blanc. A rich and full wine with bright, mineral flavors and crisp acidity transmitting the complete expression of the soil where it grows.

Viognier: small, perfectly located and stony parcel of aromatic viognier, adding notes of peach, pears, violets and minerality. A quite unique variety for Priorat.